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I can't figure out where the cat is:

On my first playthrough the person who wants you to deliver a letter did not give me any package, so I couldn't get past 90%.

On my second playthrough, I knocked on the door where you start last of all, and the person told me I had already received a package, but he gave me a part anyway and at the same time the house to the left also gave me another part.  So I got the generator to 110%.  Luckily  I was still able to see the good ending so I didn't have to play through a third time.

Nice atmosphere but not very fun gameplay.

I love the game, but I just can't with the slow walk speed when carrying packages. Maybe I'm just impatient. Maybe I've been playing too many fast reaction games. Who knows?

loled at the ending xD . Luved it/ Thank you.

I... think I'm floating, my dudes. I did some furious jumping at the junkyard and this happended. Cannot go down. 
Other than that jest zajebiście. Polecam.

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Other than that, I cannot charge generator fully. Guy in fourth from the left house keeps saying he "found it for me" but doesn't drop anything.

Well... I finally did it! This time, I managed to get the “good” ending, thanks to a little help from the No Joy Boys! Thank you sooooo much for your pointers. Great ending and such a fabulous game. Loved it! 

Such a brilliant game. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it and I will keep trying until I get the good ending... I just could get the last part for the generator to get it to 100%. Visuals and sound is brilliant and the game certainly has the player captivated from the outset. The atmosphere and tenacity of the game shines through. Fantastic job! 

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Oh nice! sorry for the cat issue it is a game bug:( Thank you for video and playing, hope you will experience another ending. We left a message tip on your YouTube channel :) Also very soon we will upload our new game. Cheers

I can’t wait to see what your next game looks like! If it is anywhere as brilliant as this one, I’ll be playing. Thank you for the kind comments on my video, it is greatly appreciated. I’ll be playing your game again with the “Good ending” now I know how to do it! Thanks again! 

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i think there is a glitch, the guy says hell give me something if i deliver a message and the window opens but nothing comes out. then i go to deliver the message and they say they will give me somthing, but the window doesnt open,this is the last thing i have to do

edit: got bad ending and im playing again, this time i did the letter thing first and it worked

Thank you for reporting the bug. We are working on an update. It's good that you've reached the other end again. Best.

The music is sick. Who worked on it?

Bartosz Zaskorski known as Mchy i Porosty

beautiful art style, intriguing atmosphere and an amazing ending.

really loved it

We're glad you had a good time. Thank you

Im dead, thank you Dark Souls

let's meet at bonfire  :)

I was only able to get to 98%, how do I get to 100? I wasn't sure what to do with the blue cable.

You have to plug the cable somewhere. I can say there is a place that will change a little bit - if you will notice what's changed that's the place for the blue cable.